The Sum Up

Nga mihi o te Tau Hou!  Started the year off in Puerto Rico and ended it in Aotearoa/New Zealand.  Time to do like Oprah again with another entry of ‘Krit’s Favourite Things’!  I’m trying not to repeat anything from last year’s list [family and friends, you go without saying!] so in no particular order…

Fun Runs

Had a lot of fun with these!  Learned a couple of lessons for the future though.

Taking Kids Unlimited On The Glass City 5km [Ohio]
Taking Kids Unlimited On The Glass City 5km [Ohio]
1.  Don’t get drunk with someone you just met at a conference who tells you they’ve been training for a race taking place the next morning then decide you’re gonna do it too and talk it up to everyone else at the bar so much that it gets to the point where you can’t back out.  10km with no sleep and a hangover followed directly by a full day of workshops and discussions – that shit’s for the birds.

Capitol Classic - Hungover 10km Run [Washington DC]
Capitol Classic – 10km Sleepless & Hungover [Washington DC]
2.  Do some actual training for a half marathon.  I didn’t and while I completed it in a reasonable time, my body was shot to hell.  When I reached the finish line, I sat down and wet myself.  I’ve never done that in my entire adult life.  I was so spent I didn’t care.

Tulsi & Krit After The Kerikeri Half Marathon
Tulsi & Krit After 21km [Kerikeri]
3.  If you’re doing any of the big obstacle course runs, practice swinging on monkey bars beforehand.  It’s not as easy as when you were six.  The struggle was REAL.

Warrior Dash With The Notre Dame Crew [Indiana]
Warrior Dash With The Notre Dame Crew [Indiana]
Prolly gonna do a full marathon this year then be done with them forever and ever!  Lemme know if you’re down!

The Midwest

Now I know I dogged Ohio to the ground while I was living there but aside from country music [which kinda grew on me] and having no social life, the Midwest was good to me.  There’s heaps to keep you entertained!  Parks, festivals, concerts…

Cedar Point!  Best Rollercoasters In The Universe!
Cedar Point! Best Rollercoasters In The Universe! [Sandusky]
Ross, Krit, Krista, Brian & Maureen @ The World's Biggest Block Party
Lehigh Reunion @ ‘The World’s Largest Block Party’ [Chicago]
Diana King & Krit [Columbus]
OH LAWD HAH MERCY, MERCY, MERCY Diana King & Krit [Columbus]
Robyn Fenty
Po’ It Up, Po’ It Up – Robyn Fenty [Detroit]
Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame [Cleveland]
The Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame [Cleveland]
Ordering @ Tim Horton's Through A Glass Barrier [8 Mile]
Ordering Two Donuts @ Tim Horton’s Through A Glass Barrier [8 Mile]
…and of course, my students!  Miss those lil vultures…

Last Day Of Work With The Students
The Best Last Day Of Work


A few new experiences under my belt this year!  Never thought I’d like tennis but I ended up flipping out at the US Open…

Serena Williams @ The US Open
Serena Williams Killing It [NYC]
…flew a plane…

James & Krit [The Bay]
James & Krit [The Bay Area]
Over The Bay Area
Over The Bay Area

…attended a Cirque du Soleil show on the night of its world premiere [Michael Jackson’s “One”] with my buddy and cast member Malaena

Krit & Malaena
Krit & Malaena [Vegas]
Jamming With Pharrell @ The "One" After Party
Jamming With Pharrell @ The “One” After Party
Pharrell Serenading Leilani
Pharrell Serenading Leilani @ The “One” After Party

…threw tomatoes at an old lady’s head and she was ok with it…

La Tomatina
La Tomatina [Spain]
…visited a movie set [still can’t reveal anything!]…

The G Ride To The "Hercules" Movie Set
The G Ride To The “Hercules” Movie Set [Budapest]
…took my Mum to Wrestlemania [was my third but her first!]…

Mum @ Wrestlemania [New Jersey]
Mum @ Wrestlemania [Jersey]
From The Box
From The Box
Krit & Jimmy 'Superfly' Snuka
Krit & Jimmy ‘Superfly’ Snuka

…and I celebrated my first Thanksgiving outside of the US!  In Australia of all places.  I was visiting friends in Melbourne that week.  We went to the bar and my Lehigh shirt caught the eye of some Jersey girls.  We hit it off and they invited me over to break bread the next day.

Thanksgiving In Australia
Thanksgiving In Australia

Team Naptural

The Switch
The Switch

Samoans might have thick hair but it still tends to be straight or wavy at most.  Not mines though, it’s curly to the DEF.  My grandfather passed his naps down to my Mum [the only one of eight siblings to get them] who then passed them down to me [the only one of over 50 cousins to get them].

Sarah & Krit
Sarah & Krit

If you didn’t know me at primary school then you wouldn’t know about my coils cuz I’ve always had a low cut Caesar or if I did grow it out, I’d either colour it, dread it or douse it in Dax [I used so much grease I’d wake up with my face stuck to the pillow].  I’ve lost count of the number of people who have known me for years who don’t recognise me when they first see me now.  I watch their faces and wait for them to click.  Once they do it’s usually followed by “is it real?”


Joining Team Naptural last year was inspired by my black friends.  Breaking the historically racial standards of what’s acceptable/professional/desirable and being proud of the physical characteristics you were born with.  I’ve never had a problem with being dark or having island features but I guess I subconsciously did crazy things to my hair cuz I didn’t want an afro.

Cross Eyed With Excitement

There’s literature and support groups everywhere.  I went with some friends to an event I like to call the Natural Hair Parade…

Learning About Hair Politics & How To Grease A Scalp
Learning About Hair Politics & How To Grease A Scalp
Team Natural Goody Bag
Team Natural Goody Bag

Realistically I know I have to conform to some degree for serious career moves but for now I’m having fun getting away with it.

Braided Up @ The Future Partners Programme [Washington DC]
Braided @ The Future Partners Conference [Washington DC]
Future Partners Reunion
Naptural @ The Future Partners Reunion [Auckland]
 Lip Sync Videos

These started out as a joke between me and Court cuz I was in a two bedroom apartment by myself and the students weren’t back for another two months.

I’m still mad “The Best Man Holiday” jacked my favourite New Edition song after I made mines but ANYWAY I was making videos of me being stupid then gradually I coaxed others into doing them too including my students for team building activities and competitions.


When you come from Porirua you learn how to hustle at an early age.  Working a crowd/networking is prolly the first hustle I ever learned.  Next would be cards.  My parents were poker sharks – we would sit and watch them play their friends and extended family for HOURS growing up and to add to that my sister Leini was a Blackjack dealer.  Gambling was one of my biggest vices [my Mum had to meet with my high school principal because of it].  Over the last 12 months, I was winning in casinos all over – Toledo, Cincinnati, Detroit, Bethlehem, Miami, Vegas, Budapest, Auckland, Melbourne…

Winning With Pocket Aces [Miami]
Winning With Pocket Aces [Miami]
Blackjack Winnings @ The Horseshoe [Cincinnati]
Thursday Night Blackjack Winnings @ The Horseshoe [Cincinnati]
To be perfectly clear, I don’t recommend gambling at all.  I strongly advise against getting caught up in the scene!  It’s extremely addictive and you can easily lose every penny you have and then some.

Marino Manning The Stall
Marino Manning The Stall

It’s not all I had going on the side – don’t ask how but I managed to run a fireworks stall over Guy Fawkes.  For the four days it’s legal, they sell like hotcakes.  Enlisted my little cousins to man it.

Boom Manning The Stall
Boom Manning The Stall

I got signed to a talent agency too and landed a couple of gigs.  He-ey.  Now I just need to make it on “The Amazing Race”.

Giving Talks

No matter how many times I do public speaking, I still get nervous!  I love doing it though cuz I see how sharing my experiences can help others see something new and/or inspire them to try out something different.

Skyping Students In New Zealand From The US
Skyping Students In New Zealand From The US
Naptural @ The University Of Auckland
Guest Speaking @ The University Of Auckland
Fulbright Reflections Panel
Fulbright Reflections Panel


Wasn’t sure if I’d keep these posts up!  I’ve always enjoyed writing and telling stories – I’m never short of material cuz I seem to attract everything that’s crazy.  As long as people are taking something positive away from my writings, I’ll carry on.  The main reason I started this a year and some change ago was to encourage young people where I’m from to get a sense of the different opportunities around us.  I wanted to keep it real though, especially when it comes to issues significant in our communities.  I try to send out messages everyone can relate to so it’s been nice hearing some of my own peers let me know they’ve struck a chord with them.

A Welcomed Interruption From Writing
A Welcomed Distraction From Tapping On The MacBook Keys

People say “woah you’ve done so much!” but if you sit down and really look back at your journey, you’d realise just how much you’ve accomplished.  Maybe you wanna document it too?  Thanks to everyone for taking the time to stop and peruse!  Looking forward to hearing about the good things [and even the not-so-good things] you’ve got going on in 2014.


  1. Loved the read as always g! Serious love the narrative and it almost seems as if we’re having a convo at Wendys and then you bring up how you’ve joined the Hitch version of Gyms lol!!
    Keep on keeping! Look forward to hearing of more adventures!
    Mahalo lol!!

  2. Just wanted to say this is really great! I don’t know you very well but it is definitely inspiring to see a fellow Lehigh grad doing so many great things in just one year! haha

  3. Well though I have been there while everything was happening – it is interesting, refreshing and even uplifting reading your year in review… I for one enjoy your reflections and cannot wait for your “Design of a decade” post (maybe series of posts) about the formative adult years from 20 – 30 (which is due in the next 12 months some time I do believe)…

    As for the hair… well you know my stance on that, literature or not… Hahaha… Change it up soon “I beg of you” and your response better not be “I’m just being myself”…

    PS. My posting pseudonym is a reference to which movie????

    1. DEEEAAAD@”I’m just being myself”!!!

      You’re an egg but thanks for always being a soundboard kare. I’ll be recording an album with Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis for that reflection. The movie you’re talking about was directed by the same person who directed “Set It Off”, “Friday”, “The Negotiator” and wait for it…TLC’s “Waterfalls”.

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