As the month of Pride comes to a close for another year, I find myself still figuring out how to celebrate my sexuality in a healthy way. Sex and sexuality! These are inherent in all human beings. But is exploring and understanding sex the same thing as exploring and understanding sexuality? When I think back […]

The Cookout

Our generation of Polynesian people love Black culture.  We indulge in it everyday of our lives – from literature to fashion to politics.  It’s evident that some of our excellence has been influenced by Black excellence. Culture is dynamic.  It’s complex, it’s fluid and it’s changing.  I’ve always been interested in how we, as Polynesian […]

A Call To Action

Tagata Pasifika!  Where my disruptors at?  Thought Leaders, Influencers and any Brave Young Voice ready to take control of our collective narrative.  We got a problem on our hands and I’m not sure we’re even aware that it is in fact a problem.  Maybe it’s denial.  I dunno.  But what I do know is that […]

Take 2

Take 2!  The title of this entry carries a couple of meanings.  The first is because this share is a second act to my last piece about compromise in a professional sense.  Now I’m finally getting around to publishing my thoughts and feelings about compromise in relationships [as promised]. The other ‘Take 2’ that claps […]


Your audience! When you write/produce/direct content, your audience is paramount right? Therefore you gotta cater to them. What’s gonna resonate with them? What’s trending? What’s gonna go viral? What’s gonna generate the most clicks? What’s gonna have the broadest reach and capture the most viewers? People pay big money to answer these – you crack […]

Mother’s Day

ACT I SCENE I INT. KRIT’S APARTMENT.  MOTHER’S DAY 2017. Krit, early 30s [but the curls is popping so he looks early 20s OOP] sits on his bed in his one bedroom apartment, handwriting the last of three letters. He signs off the final letter and folds it up into thirds before placing them all […]

Fia Palagis

It’s Vaiaso O Le Gagana Samoa / Samoan Language Week! A time to raise awareness of the importance of our mother tongue along with every other language of Te Moana Nui a Kiwa. What usually happens around now is my timeline is inundated with messages of celebration! There’s also another strong narrative that emerges.  It […]