No I’m not a fob who can’t spell MTV.  If you don’t know what MTB stands for, you will by close of business!  I moved from Auckland to Sydney to start at MTV exactly one month ago.  I’m becoming a bit of a broken record with my entries about fresh starts/relocating but I have to say that […]

Making Sense

The world of Islam was properly introduced to me by my classmate Ershad Ali at Viard Intermediate.  Me and Ershad were thick as thieves cuz we were both idiots.  This one time in Home Ec, I decided it would be a good idea to sprinkle bacon bits on our pizza when he wasn’t looking then […]


I’m always hungus. Food. People. Attention. Highs. Change. Time. Life. Food. As simple as I am, I manage to fit a lot into my days.  We all do but for some reason mine seem more ridiculous to others.  I tend to document everything so now I guess I’ll share it a little more widely.  Why? […]