The Untold

Tagged as “The Untold Story of Tupac Shakur”… …but there was nothing “untold” about it. It felt like the writers went through the 2Pac Wikipedia entry and focused on the same RETOLD shit everybody’s seen over and over again – the East Coast/West Coast beef, the jail sentence, the shootings. Untold my ASS. No. This […]


The other day in class, I was acting out a scene with a young girl where I had to verbally abuse the shit out of her. I had fun with it and felt confident I had done a decent job of cutting loose. When it came time for feedback, the teacher was pretty positive but […]


Labels!  Created by white people to describe The Other since forever.  That sense of entitlement, to be able to call people whatever they want, is so heavily engrained, it’s genetic.  From some idiot calling me a mulatto to having an acting teacher throw around ‘retard’, drop the N bomb quite comfortably and joke about a […]


What a crazy couple of weeks! Just when I thought I was easing into this big therapeutic stretch, shit went into over drive. Between moving in, filming, taking on extra classes, editing, WrestleMania and then the stir my last entry ‘Healing‘ incited, I’ve shifted back into 10th gear. Now let’s talk about this Jagged Lil Pill […]


Sitting in a boardroom of 10 people, as the only non-white Australian, discussing how to promote a new documentary on white privilege… Krit: I’ve got a few ideas! I’ve thought about these short skits we could do that aren’t too confrontational – keep it light and humorous but give a brief glimpse into how white […]

Year 2

DAMN GINA!  We’re half way through the year and it’s taken me this long to crank something out.  It’s not cuz nothing’s been happening.  I’ve just been lost on what to write about!  I thought I should mark the occasion with a piece even if it’s a simple one.  Since my last post I’ve managed to […]


Went a lil “How Stella How Got Her Groove Back” on you the last time I wrote an entry and I can honestly say things have been on the up and up since then!  After 7 months out here, there are clear signs that I’m well and truly settled into Sydney: 1.  Falling asleep in the middle […]