I’m always hungus.









As simple as I am, I manage to fit a lot into my days.  We all do but for some reason mine seem more ridiculous to others.  I tend to document everything so now I guess I’ll share it a little more widely.  Why?  I miss writing and I wanna show the kids where I’m from that you can be just as ridiculous as me and the good people I surround myself with.

8 thoughts on “Hungus

    1. Aw I miss Mas and his wife – they get me lol… And the only GSGM round here is the guy whose hungus lol

  1. Why must you draw me out of my cave… Ugh “Don’t mess with the bull son, you’ll get the horns…” – and if u can tell me what movie that line is from I will play nicely with the other kids

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